Can't install R packages from the Internet (Proxy problem)

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Can't install R packages from the Internet (Proxy problem)

I repost this question here if somebody has similar problems with the internet:

.......I've problems to install packages from the internet. The following error message occur:

Warning: unable to access index for repository


This can have several rare reasons.
The first reason is that the server was down in the moment you tried to connect to the internet (Please try again. Maybee it was down for a while)
In the preferences you can also select another R server mirror to connect to:

Another reason is that are sitting behind a proxy and you can't connect to the repository, see:
Try the last described solution in the post:
"If you want internet2 to be used everytime you use R you could add the following line to the file which is located in R.x.x\etc\


Here another post suggesting the same - but with: setInternet2(TRUE) -:
In Bio7 Windows the profile file is located under (starting in the installation folder):
Note: The shipped R application is independent from Bio7 and can be started in the bin directory:
e.g.: in Bio7\plugins\Bundled_R_3.1.2\R\bin\x64\Rgui