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integrated editor?

I just recently discovered bio7 beeing an imagej and r user.

Just a general question:
imagej is embedded into bio7
the r editor is developed for bio7

Wouldnt it be easier to use an already existing editor - like rstudio, rkward or other open-source editor embedded into bio7 instead?
No need to reinvent the wheel - build on well maintained software - profit from their development and resources could be used for other things instead.

Not a programmer - but i wondered why that is.
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Re: integrated editor?

Interesting question.

Well, the first version of Bio7 with ImageJ and R, etc., was published 10 years ago after 3 years of development.

As I published the first version of Bio7 as a complete IDE there were not many solutions available and the first release of Bio7 was concepted as a full featured IDE for Ecological Modeling (Simulation, Image Analysis, Statistical Analysis).

Some technologies and frameworks you mentioned are simply not compatible with the Java Eclipse framework using another programming language or would be hard to integrate.

Over the years I added a lot of functionalities to Bio7 and still do thus Bio7 can also be seen nowadays as a full featured data science workbench useful for other diciplines, too.

However, Bio7 already integrates many well maintained OpenSource libraries, Software (R, ImageJ), etc. and profits from the ongoing developments.

You can also integrate and use a lot of great Eclipse, ImageJ and R plugins/packages into Bio7. For example install the Eclipse Marketplace client into Bio7 and then install ,e.g., a full featured true terminal (TM Terminal) and SFTP client (Remote Systems Explorer) or an advanced Python editor (PyDev) into Bio7.

Another very important point and motvivation for me is, that I learn a lot of new interesting stuff when I implement and understand new and different concepts myself.

It is a lot of fun to learn new things (beside programming concepts from other science disciplines) which also is a great motivation for me to maintain Bio7.